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The Grammarsaurus Rex Club

Life is illusory. Grammar is real.

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The Grammarsaurus Rex Club is for grammatical deities, grammar enthusiasts, and couragous explorers of the English language. In other words, it is for losers, but the cool kind. We point out quirks, we sabotage the postings of the grammatically inferior, we try to be funny, and we fail.

"There is nothing outside the text."-Jaucques Derrida
accusative case, adjectives, adverbs, ajectival, allegory, alliteration, aporia, articles, assonance, auxiliary verbs, caesura, canon, clauses, conjugations, conjunctions, consonance, dative case, demonstratives, diminutives, direct objects, disjunctions, ellipsis, euphemism, expletives, genitive case, gerund, homophones, hypercorrection, hyphens, imperatives, infinitives, interjections, irony, linguistics, mla format, modal-auxillaries, modal-like auxillaries with infinitives, modals, modifiers, morphemes, morphology, negetive commands, nominalizers, nouns, parallel structure, particles, phonology, possessive case, postdeterminers, prefixes, prepositions, progressive tense, pronoun-antecedent agreements, pronouns, proper nouns, punctuation, reflexive pronouns, reflexive verbs, satire, semantics, stylistics, suffixes, syntax, thesises, verbs