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Found from some guys personal journal... [Sep. 6th, 2004|12:12 am]
The Grammarsaurus Rex Club



Maybe I'm easily irritated.  But whatever this poster lacked in grammar, he made up for with humor.  Here's a passage:

Okay I got some. - Today I had school, it was boring... except for Spanish class with Clark (5th hour) - We were reviewing shit when I looked out the door and saw a bird sitting on the window ledge in the hallway. A few other kids saw it too, and then we told Mr. Clark... so, being the crazy teacher that he is, Mr. Clark went out into the hall and shooed the bird directly into the classroom! So now we had a bird flying around in the room. I suggested that we make him our class pet. But before we could even name him he flew straight from the front of the room out the window. - Then Mr. Clark went on about some Spanish poem that the bird reminded him of. I don't think it was the bird that reminded him of it though, I think it was the marijuana.

Check out those hyphens.  After periods, no less!  That's ridiculously unnecessary and breaks up the flow of writing here.  Also note the bolded sentence.  Come on, 4-year-olds don't mix the present and past tenses in ONE SENTENCE!!!!!  But the last line is funny, even if I am easily amused.